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Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil

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If you are in the food Business, you are probably already tired of spending tons on Cooking Oil. Cooking Oil quite literally runs the kitchen. Most palatable foods are brought to existence by that crisp texture through frying. It is no surprise that deep frying is hence the most commonly used cooking method all around the world. To cater to the high demand of oil amidst rising oil prices, How can you Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil? Yep, We at Hellaros are here to answer exactly that!

Ways to Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil

Keep Your Oil Covered

When Oil and Air react, a process called oxidation takes place. Oxidation is bad for the health and life of Cooking Oil as it alters the chemical combination of oil affecting the flavour and quality of oil. To limit the exposure of air with your cooking oil, it is important to keep it covered when storing. You can store your oil in an airtight container or cover your fryers with a lid.

Thaw Food before Frying

Water and oil do not mix, as we all know from basic chemistry. When frying, remember that water causes oil to break down. Heat causes food to leak moisture which results in faster decomposition of oil during the frying process. Because foods absorb oil, its breakdown has a severe affect on the quality and nutrition of food. To avoid this, always thaw your food before putting it in the fryer.

Store Oil Away From Light

Just like water, Light also hastens the chemical reactions within oil that causes quicker decomposition. Oil becomes rancid when the fat molecules break down. The key to Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil is to keep it out of transparent containers and instead, store it in a cool dry and dark place.

Maintain Ideal Frying Temperatures

High temperatures are one of oil’s worst enemies. Extreme temperatures cause frying oil to break down faster. Uneven heating also causes food to appear crispy and cooked from outside but remains undercooked inside. To tackle this issue, you can use Oil Testers that measure and tell accurately the ideal frying temperatures. We reccomend VITO FT440 and VITO Oil tester for best results.

Filter Your Cooking Oil

When food is fried, tiny particles from the food are left off in the oil. A build up of these food particles get burnt, producing off-smells and a dark color in oil. To get rid of these particles it is important to Filter your Cooking oil to keep it fit for consumption. Filtering your cooking oil not only helps you Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil but also saves your cost.

We at Hellaros are the sole distributor of VITO products in Pakistan. We deliver the best quality made-in-germany products that guarantee your satisfaction. Our wide range of Oil Filtration Machines like VITO 30, VITO 50 and VITO 80 and Testometers have helped our customers cut down 50% on Oil costs. If you’re looking to Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil, get in touch with us now!

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