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We supply kitchen equipment that optimize your work and help you manage faster. Our fryer oil filtering products are known for their results in saving costs for your business with a guaranteed food quality. Our range of oil filtration systems are optimal for both small and large businesses and offer great savings for you.

Cost Effective

Our oil filters reduce your oil consumption by 50% and speed up your work, serving your customers to their satisfaction.


Hellaros Oil filters are automatic, easy to use, efficient and safe. Clean your oil in just 4:30 minutes.

Quality Products

Clean oil means better tasting food. We know that there can be no compromise on the quality of your food.

Choose Hellaros!

We provide commercial kitchen equipment that help you retain food quality. Our Oil filters help reduce oil consumption by 50%. We are dedicated to improving hygiene and food safety by introducing efficient and advanced kitchen habits.We cater to a vast network of food businesses and restaurants helping them optimize their businesses to the best potential.

Frying oil at a commercial kitchen requires constant high temperatures which reduces the life of your oil. Continued frying leaves solid particles that discolor food and leave a bad odor. Filtering your oil regularly keeps it clean and produces good quality food that also looks appealing. By using our oil filtration system you can reduce your workload and oil usage, cutting down costs while maintaining food quality and increased profits.

We take pride in being the sole distributor of VITO in Pakistan. All our high-quality products are produced in Germany under VITO’s team of experts who have years of experience. Our products are ISO certified and safe to use.

Save up to 50% !

Get better profit by significantly increasing the lifetime of your frying oil.

User Friendly

Use the safest and fastest way to clean your oil retaining the quality of your food.


Save your time for changing oil and cleaning your fryer by automating the process

Less Oil Cost
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