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Why You Need To Filter Your Cooking Oil

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If you’re working in the restaurant industry, there is no way you don’t complain about the rising price of oil every once in a while. The amount of oil used in a commercial kitchen varies from 30 to 35 pounds a day. This oil is usually only fit for consumption for a limited time after which it starts to damage food quality. In order to increase the life of your oil, Hellaros helps you filter your cooking oil to make it fit for consumption. Here is why you need to Filter Your Cooking Oil and save loads of money!

Why Filter Your Cooking oil?

Saves money!

Filtering your cooking oil helps to increase the life of your cooking oil. Hellaros uses german technology VITO products that have been tried and tested in commercial kitchens all over the world. Our VITO 80 machine is best suited for both small and large kitchens that run on huge oil consumption. By filtering Your Cooking oil we make sure there is no compromise on food quality!

No Compromise on Food Quality

Maintaining food quality is the main goal of any restaurant business. What develops the best relationship between a restaurant and its customers is the consistency in food quality. Hellaros provides VITO oil filters that trap the tiniest particles from contaminating your cooking oil and removes unwanted off smells that discolor your fried food. Furthermore, no chemicals are used in this process which means there are zero chances for reducing the health of your Cooking oil.

Less cleaning required

By Filtering Your Cooking oil, you will reduce the amount of residue in oil. Lesser particles in oil mean there will be lesser sedimentation of burnt particles on your fryers. Cleaner utensils require little effort to clean, saving your time and effort altogether!

Hellaros is working as the sole distributor of authentic made-in-Germany VITO oil filtration systems that ensure quality results. Our tried and tested methods have been adopted by several big food businesses over the years. Get in touch with us now and arrange a trial for your kitchen!

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