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Getting Johnny and Jugnu on Board

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Within a limited period of time, hardwork and dedication has helped us land on smooth grounds. We at Hellaros are thrilled to announce our partnership with Johnny and Jugnu. We believe in creating a relationship of mutual trust with our customers by providing assistance at every step of the way.

Johnny and Jugnu is Pakistan’s very own fast food chain operating in several parts of Lahore. They have been in business for 6 years and have recently been working on opening more branches across the country. Specialising the art of serving one Burger at a time, Johnny and Jugnu began facing some challenges as they grew. Let us walk you through.

Johnny and Jugnu and Challenges..

1. High Oil Consumption

As Johnny and Jugnu grew in size, more customers meant more burgers. More burgers needed more Oil. At this point, the company was using roughly 2500 litres of oil every month. Now the problem with a higher oil consumption is that it costs a lot while it can only be used for 3 days. In order to keep using oil for longer, it needs to be filtered, making it fit for use. Bad quality oil not only ruins food taste but also, your kitchen equipment.

2. Using Non-Competent Local Filtration Options

The second issue that the company faced was poor quality filtration options. Locally available oil filtration involves more human labour hence is time consuming. Furthermore, it does not provide the best results.

3. Reduced Food Quality

Thirdly, as oil quality reduced due to reusage, so did food quality. When frying at high temperatures, small food particles burn due to over-frying and produce off-smells and flavours that affect the quality of oil. This results in poor quality fried food. You can learn more about the benefits of Filtering your oil here.

Hellaros Rescues Johnny and Jugnu!

All above problems required an instant solution. The three basic factors that needed to be controlled were: Time, Money, in terms of oil consumption and Quality of food. Firstly, Hellaros introduced the VITO 80 Filtration Machine. The VITO 80 cleans oil with the help of VITO filter paper which filters the smallest food particles maintaining the quality of oil. Furthermore, VITO 80 enables microfiltration up to 200 µin. No chemicals are required to clean the oil, ensuring that fried food retains its optimal quality and flavour.

Hellaros training session at Johnny and Jugnu
Representative from Hellaros in a training session with Johnny and Jugnu’s crew

Secondly, to improve food quality, we provided them with VITO’s FT440 which helped them measure the TPM ( Total Polar Material ) Level of oil. The main advantage of VITO’s FT440 is that it does not require any reference oil to calibrate unlike other oil testers in the market which adds to the cost.

Training session from Hellaros at Johnny and Jugnu
Training session from Hellaros at Johnny and Jugnu

Lastly, Hellaros has developed a relationship of trust and reliance with Johnny and Jugnu. All our products are ISO certified which guarantees good results. A proper channel of communication was established where our team scheduled filtration timmings with JJ as required.

Let’s Talk Results

In no time, we managed to reduce JJ’s oil consumption to 1300 Liters from 2500 litres with the help of our VITO 80 Machine. As promised, there was a 50% reduction in the cost of oil consumed by the company. Furthermore, due to regular filtration, the quality of food also improved. This food is safe and healthy to consume as VITO products have no added chemicals!

Vito-Machine at Johnny and Jugnu

Our 2 year long journey with Johnny and Jugnu has been quite fruitful. We have managed to maintain costs and quality over time. Shahzaib Abbas, the COO at Johnny and Jugnu talks about Hellaros:

JJ has been using VITO products supplied to us by Hellaros since over two years now. We have seen a considerable cut in our oil consumption. The products are easy to use and of top quality. Overall we are highly satisfied!

It is an achievement for hellaros to be continuing this journey with JJ and we look forward to growing further.

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